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Dog Training

Dog Training

Sit. Stay. Learn!

Professional, customized training for your dog that gets results

Shondra with dogs

Got a dog who needs better manners? A canine with a bad habit? We can help!

Sheabel Veterinary Hospital offers private dog training lessons with Certified Canine Behaviorist Shondra Morrison, where your pet will learn commands, great manners, develop confidence and more. We offer consultations and evaluations, reduced-cost training packages, and the Canine Good Citizen Test!

Training takes place at our hospital and times and dates can be arranged directly with us.

What Happens During Training?

In addition to mastering the basic commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “stay in place”, your dog will learn impulse control, reliable recall, and loose leash walking. Most importantly, training establishes a closer relationship between you and your dog, which builds confidence and helps your pet be more engaged with you.


Consultations & Evaluations – $65*

*Fee is waived if 3 or more lessons are booked at the time of evaluation/consultation.

Individual Customized 1-Hour Lessons – $80

Book multiple lessons, learn more, and save!

3 Lessons – $210

6 Lessons – $400

10 Lessons – $650 (includes Canine Good Citizen test*)

  • If appropriate for your dog, each lesson will also include a playgroup session.
  • Payment is due at the time of booking.

*Canine Good Citizen is a nationally recognized program that instills good manners in dogs and shows that owners have a sense of responsibility.

Ready to have a happier, better-behaved dog? Call us at (859) 269-PETS to book professional training for your pet!