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All About Heartworm

All About Heartworm

There’s a good reason the veterinary community devotes an entire month to raising awareness of heartworm disease. Heartworm is a nasty illness that is transmitted to our companion animals by mosquitoes. It only takes one bite for a dog or cat to be infected, and, as the name suggests, heartworms live in the heart. They can also thrive in the lungs and blood vessels. Because they constrict blood flow, they can damage internal organs and cause lung disease and heart failure. 

If your dog contracts heartworms, there is a treatment regimen, but it’s harsh and expensive. Currently, there is no treatment for cats. 

At Sheabel, we’ve seen the devastating impacts of heartworm up-close. That’s why we make an effort to carry the latest and most effective preventative products available. To order a supply of heartworm preventative for your pet, give us a call at today!