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Sheabel Grooming Team

Shondra Morrison

Shondra Morrison, Lead Groomer

Sherry Perry, Pet Groomer

Sherry Perry, Pet Groomer

Sherry began working at Sheabel Veterinary Hospital in 1996 as a bather and brusher. She left the practice briefly to attend grooming school and came back in 1997 as a full groomer. Sherry enjoys photography, scrapbooking and crafts in her spare time. Her favorite books are Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s SoulChicken Soup for the Nature Lover’s Soul, and Chicken Soup for the Garden Lover’s Soul. When she’s not reading or doing hobbies, she’s spending time with her nieces, nephews and furry four-legged friends.

Jessie Rawlings

Jessica Rawlings, Pet Groomer

Jessie joined the Sheabel grooming team in November 2011. She enjoys taking walks with her dog Cleopatra (Cleo), a 4-year-old Jack Russell terrier-mix she adopted from the shelter. Jessie loves reading and learning about Greece and Egypt, watching TV, and playing video games.